What is psychotherapy?

  • Psychotherapy is the treatment of a person’s mental health problems by talking with a licensed mental health professional. During psychotherapy a client learns about their moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors and how to better respond to life’s challenges. Psychotherapy includes interactive processes between a person or persons and a qualified mental health professional.
  • As a licensed Psychotherapist, at The Empowerment Center, Gayle works with people of all ages, but predominantly with women and adolescents, helping them gain clarity, balance, and a sense of being empowered in their relationship with themselves and others.
  • She has been referred to as “the relationship-shift counselor,” having counseled many adolescents and adults on getting past relationship loss and how to shift that devastating loss into positive growth.
  • Gayle believes that it is the uniqueness and quality of each therapeutic relationship she forms with clients that helps to move people closer to an improved, more awakened, and empowered life.
  • Her psychotherapy approach is eclectic and modern with a dialectical behavior therapy and narrative therapy bent.