Gayle Long practices psychotherapy and mediation at The Empowerment Center in Nevada City.

Gayle Long is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Mediator. She is the founder of The Empowerment Center located in Nevada City, CA and President of The Conflict Resolution Center of Nevada County, a 501c-3 non-profit community based organization.

Gayle holds two Masters Degree’s: A Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and a Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from Chapman University.

As a Psychotherapist, at The Empowerment Center, Gayle works with people of all ages, but predominantly with women and adolescents, helping them gain clarity, balance, and a sense of being empowered in their relationship with themselves and others. She has been referred to as “the relationship-shift counselor,” having counseled many adolescents and adults on getting past relationship loss and how to shift that devastating loss into positive growth. Gayle believes that it is the uniqueness and quality of each therapeutic relationship she forms with clients that helps to move people closer to an improved, more awakened, and empowered life. Her psychotherapy approach is eclectic and modern with a dialectical behavior therapy and narrative therapy bent.

As a mediator at The Empowerment Center, Gayle provides therapeutic mediation services that includes working with couples and families to help resolve everyday and long term family conflicts. Gayle works with couples who have made the decision to divorce through the mediation process and what is called “conscious uncoupling.” Essentially, this way of divorcing allows a couple to come to their own agreement on what they want their relationship to look and feel like as they move forward as individuals. The Empowerment Center has contracted with a legal document assistant, experienced in family law, who handles the documentation and paperwork side of divorce. Click here for more information on The Empowered Divorce.

Gayle has completed advanced training to perform as a parenting coordinator and provides help to high conflict post-divorce couples with their parenting decisions.

In addition, as an experienced mediator, Gayle is available for private mediations. As a neutral third party – interest-based – mediator she can mediate a wide variety of conflicts ranging from neighborhood, housing, dog issues, real estate, custody, visitation, probate, asset distribution, small claims, civil, boundaries (personal or tangible), workplace, easements, and business disputes.